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Many ways exist for faculty members to become involved in sustainability education at UCI.

UCI faculty members also engage with sustainability education through the UC President’s Global Climate Leadership Council, which is charged with executing the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative.  Here’s how UCI faculty are shaping these system-wide efforts.

Sustainability Experts Wanted

uci sustainabilityUCI Student Housing would like to invite you to join their list of potential speakers and excursion hosts.

Each year Residence Life staff invite UCI faculty, staff, and community members to present in-hall programs for on-campus residents. We additionally seek out opportunities for field trips, community service, or professional staff engagement. Such partners are invited to share their research, skills, and insights on a variety of current topics. Co-curricular residence hall programming provides learning opportunities to create connections, develop skills, and supplement the knowledge and experiences gained in the classroom. This tool can greatly impact the personal growth of the 7,700 students in Student Housing as we help to maximize their potential.

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Task Force on Sustainability Education

Convened in 2012 by former Senior Vice Provost Michael Clark, the Task Force is charged with visioning, evaluating, and proposing new graduate and undergraduate education programs in sustainability. To date, the Task Force has revised the Global Sustainability Minor and yearlong undergraduate sequence, sponsored creation of two new courses, and developed a proposal for a general education requirement in sustainability. Task Force members have been instrumental in designing at least one new proposed school-based graduate program and three faculty engagement and education projects that are now being executed system-wide and at UCI. These projects include an online Climate Education Gateway, a faculty skills-sharing workshop on integrating climate neutrality and sustainability into existing courses, and a $25,000 faculty climate action champion award. Our campus efforts have allowed UCI to lead UCOP’s efforts of making climate neutrality and sustainability part of the curricular and/or other educational experience of all students across our entire system.

Task Force membership evolves as deans and faculty express interest.

2016 – Task Force on Sustainability Education (pdf)

UCI faculty members interested in being involved in the Task Force are invited to email for more information.