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Energize Colleges Internships

The Energize Colleges Program’s parent non-profit organization, Strategic Energy Innovations, offers paid energy internships to UC Irvine students interested in campus energy management, energy justice, and clean energy enterprise. Each internship runs for one academic term (10 weeks) and interns work approximately 7-10 hours per week at $13.00 per hour.

Now recruiting for Spring Quarter! To apply for an open position, send your resume and cover letter to UCI’s Energize Colleges Program Coordinator Rachel Pennington at penningr@uci.edu. See open position details below.

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Interested in becoming an Energize Colleges Intern?

Applicants Must:

  • Be a currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate student with a GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Possess excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Be able to provide valid Federal I-9 form required identification and authorization for employment
  • Be an organized self-starter with excellent time management skills
  • Have leadership and teamwork experience

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience or interest in energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy
  • Experience or interest in environmental justice
  • Familiarity with campus-based groups and organizations
  • Familiarity with campus staff and administrators
  • Specialized skills such as:
    • Data analysis
    • Classroom experience
    • Strong communication: speaking, writing, editing skills
    • Graphic design
    • Technical knowledge, engineering background
    • Project and budget management

To apply for an open position, send your resume and cover letter to UCI’s Energize Colleges Program Coordinator Rachel Pennington at penningr@uci.edu.

Fall 2017 Interns

Gissel Enriquez, Climate Research Intern

Under the department of Earth System Science, Professor Steve Davis’ research aims at understanding the challenge of satisfying global demand for energy, food, and goods without emitting CO2 to the atmosphere is a central challenge of the 21st century.  Through Energize Colleges, Gissel will be assisting Professor Davis in researching labor hour changes per industry sector in the US and China and using this data to find correlation to item usage.

Gissel is entering here fourth year as a double Earth System Science and Urban Studies major. She is the current Physical Science Senator for ASUCI (Associated Student University of California, Irvine) and believes students can create a great impact for positive environmental change. She has a strong passion to learn and educate others to aim a behavioral change towards a sustainable environment. Gissel loves the sustainability community in UCI and is always looking forward to meet and share her ideas with others. 

Brandon Macias, Solar Installation and Outreach Intern, GRID Alternatives

As a Solar Installation and Outreach Intern, my work with GRID will encompass the installation of solar panels on low-income households. Solar panels give these low-income communities access to cleaner energy and reduced electrical expenses. I will be learning about a variety of topics in photovoltaic systems, which includes the tools and methods used for installing the panels, the design of the system (sizing it according to power demands), all the corresponding electrical components, and the communities that GRID Alternatives’ serves. Throughout the internship I will be coordinating with employees in construction, the warehouse, and the outreach department to get insight on the whole process of installing a system on a home.

I am a senior in materials science engineering who wants to work in the renewable energy industry after graduating. I want to work with others in an effort to make the world a more sustainable place. I am the president and founder of the UCI chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World, a project-based organization with the goal of providing students with more hands-on experience with engineering projects focused in sustainability. It is great to see students take initiative to learn and start new projects on campus. In my free time I love to noodle around on guitar, play video games, and ride around on a bike. Along with a career in renewable energy, I hope to record music in the future!

Owen Yang, Energize Housing Intern

When it comes to how to be more energy efficient, what commonly comes to mind is how to make everyday appliances more energy efficient. However, another important factor includes the behavior of consumers. Owen’s project of The Green Room Certification Program aims to inform housing residents of UCI about how to make everyday lifestyle choices to help create a more sustainable campus. This quarter, his goal is to pilot this program in residential living spaces as well as making this program more better for years to come.

Owen is a 2nd -year Computer Science and Engineering Student at UCI. As a Computer Science and Engineering student he hopes to solve real-world problems such as environmental issues. As a current Energize Colleges Intern he aims to learn more about energy efficiency and sustainable lifestyle choices. He also loves working on DIY projects such as origami projects or just building anything mechanical that moves. In his free time, he likes to play bassoon, play soccer, and sleep.

Ivette Morales, Closed Loop Plastics Intern

I am part of Closed Loop Plastics (CLP), a company that takes plastic waste and converts it into 3D printable filament. As an intern, I help with researching what different types of plastics can be added to our product as well as what would work better for the consumer. Because the company is so new and upcoming, I have the ability to work on the new branding and aesthetics that CLP needs.

I am a third year Art major with a minor in Materials Science Engineering. I am from Pasadena, CA. I am part of Closed Loop Plastics, a company that takes plastic waste and converts it into 3D printable filament. CLP started as an environmental senior design project that worked within the Speculative Prototyping Lab at the art school. I was on the team as a second year and got asked to be an intern for this coming school year.  A few facts about myself are that I love cats, as my personal art practice, I mainly work on sculpture (wood working, welding, etc).