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UCI has committed itself towards achieving the University of California Office of the President goal of Zero Waste by 2020; by reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting our campus waste. Zero Waste is a process of minimizing the material going into landfill and maximizing the materials that are recycled and composted, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and a cleaner environment. Currently, our campus diversion rate is 81%; to be Zero Waste we need to divert 95% or more of our waste from landfill.
In order to attain this goal, our Facilities Management Sustainability Team has made various efforts in spreading awareness on sustainability as well as encouraging students to take part in helping UCI become a Zero Waste university. The Reuse Art Competition aims to increase student participation in Zero Waste by demonstrating the fun and creative ways in which our waste can be re-purposed.
The Reuse Art Competition encourages students to create an art piece using recyclable materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. 90% of the piece must be made from common materials collected at home, school or everyday life. All mediums of art are encouraged, including sculptures, collages and murals, among others.
If you would like to create your own recyclable art piece, email ucirecycles@uci.edu to apply!