Sustainability Conference Funding Available

SI CHESC Best Practices Award 2016.

UC Irvine sustainability team accepts an award at CHESC in 2016. Learn more here.

Are you a UCI student looking for an opportunity to build your resume, network with professionals, and learn about sustainability research happening in a variety of fields? 2017’s California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC) will feature the following topics:

  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • HVAC Design/Retrofit and Commissioning
  • Lighting Design/Retrofit
  • Overall Sustainable Design – New Construction and Major Renovations
  • Student Sustainability Leadership
  • Sustainability in Academics (STEM)
  • Sustainability in Academics (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)
  • Sustainability Innovations
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Innovative Waste Reduction
  • Water Efficiency/Site Water Quality

CHESC highlights cutting-edge research, as well as case studies with proven successes in curriculum development, operational programs, and community partnerships. This unique event is jointly organized by independent/private colleges, California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and the University of California, creating the opportunity for dialogue across institutions. 2017’s conference will highlight panel sessions, taking action sessions, and stand-alone presentations. Browse the concurrent sessions here to get a feel for this year’s offerings, and to learn more about 2017’s speakers, please visit the CHESC biographies page.
Please contact CHESC if you have any questions regarding the event.

Dates: June 26 – 29, 2017
Location: UC Santa Barbara
Student Registration Cost: $95 – $125

Check out CHESC online:

Scholarship Opportunity

The Global Sustainability Resource Center (GSRC) is committed to supporting UCI students’ access to this valuable experience.  GSRC will  provide a limited number of partial scholarships for conference registration. Current undergraduate and graduate students in good standing are eligible to apply. Preference given to non-graduating students.

Application Deadline: May 30, 2017

Applicants will be notified of their award by June 2, 2017.