Fernando Maldonado

Fernando Maldonado, UCI Sustainability InitiativeFernando Maldonado is one of two program managers at UCI’s Global Sustainability Resource Center (GSRC). Fernando is an ecological design enthusiast with expertise in global aquaponics development and community gardening. Fernando graduated with a degree in Organizational Management from Florida State University and is currently working on his master’s in eco-social design.

Originally from Guatemala, Fernando has organized unprecedented work in aquaponics design and education in community gardens that he has built and managed in several regions of Guatemala and Costa Rica. He is passionate about building sustainability with communities at the grassroots level, and is excited to share his skills and experience with the UC Irvine community. Fernando looks forward to cultivating existing GSRC programs and building new systems to link together cross-sectional sustainability work on and off campus.

Find him working in the Center Wednesday-Friday during regular hours. You can reach Fernando at (949) 824-5947.