H2O Conference


Headwaters to Ocean Conference

May 23-24, 2017 at the Beckman Center 

Call for Presentations 
Abstract Deadline: Friday, February 24th
The Headwaters to Ocean (H2O) conference seeks to promote integration across disciplines, sectors, organizations, and institutions for common interests related to water, oceans, coastal environments, resilience, and terrestrial interfaces with marine systems.  Conference participants will share results and implications of recently completed research, identify new challenges, and advance solutions-oriented thinking.  The conference will highlight impactful projects and scholarship, and translate science for policy and action.  In addition to providing opportunities to share best practices, H2O will host networking opportunities for a diverse cross-section of leaders and knowledge-brokers, including those from communities traditionally underrepresented in these conversations.
The conference organizing committee is soliciting presentations on a wide spectrum of coastal and watershed issues, including but not limited to: coastal, estuarine, and wetland processes; climate change; sea level rise; invasive species; restoration, resilience, and community-centered planning and design; beach nourishment; water quality; shore protection; and ecosystem and habitat preservation/management.  We especially encourage presentations that promote integration across disciplines, sectors, organizations, and institutions.
Presentation Abstracts: Please submit your presentation abstract and contact information via the link below, by Friday, February 24th:
Sessions: If you are interested in organizing/forming a complete session on a specific topic, please indicate so on the abstract submittal page (link above). 
Alternate Formats: The conference presentation format is typically 20-minute PowerPoint presentations, clustered into sessions by topic. However, we are amenable to alternate session and/or presentation formats (e.g. panel discussion, video presentation).  If you would like to prepare/organize an alternate session or presentation format, please indicate this on the abstract submittal page (link above).  
Posters: Students (undergraduate, graduate, community college, etc.) interested in participating in a poster session should submit a poster title and contact information to Jessica Debats at jdebats@uci.edu
Sponsors: The conference organizing committee is seeking sponsors to help underwrite facility and event costs, as well as support conference scholarships.  If you are interested in being a conference sponsor or exhibitor, please let us know by clicking on the conference mailing list button below.

We look forward to your participation in the conference.
The conference organizing committee: UC Irvine’s Water, Sustainability, and Oceans Initiatives, the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association, the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project, and the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve.
For more information, visit the conference website.