Chris Stoughton, Applied Climate Science Research Fellow

Description: As the science regarding climate change develops, researchers encounter new challenges and opportunities in tracking and mitigating carbon impacts–issues that inform the UC’s carbon neutrality goal. This fellow will assist Earth System Science faculty member Dr. Steven Davis with exploratory research.

Student Project: This fellow will work with Dr. Davis’ team to on topics such as:

  • Addressing uncertainty in carbon labeling: working to assess the carbon footprint of a scientific journal article using different standards and data, and demonstrate the need for tighter requirements in order for carbon labeling to be a meaningful and reliable market mechanism.
  • Researching whether and to what extent gains in manufacturing energy efficiency are being offset by decreasing ‘lifetime’ of consumed goods. This topic may involve looking at consumer expenditure surveys to estimate the changing lifetime of goods, and then comparing these findings with changes in industry sectors’ energy intensity over time.
  • Developing a systematic comparison of the vulnerabilities and benefits of individual nations under climate change, and then comparing these findings to the ambition of nations’ climate mitigation goals.

Chris Stoughton is a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at UC Irvine.  His two fields of study in political science are International politics and comparative politics.  Chris’ research focuses on the politics and policies of climate change.  His research explains the variation of climate change mitigation policies and the emergence and proliferation of alternative global relations to address climate change.  Outside of academia, Chris has worked in various roles as an advocate, activist, and community leader to promote the transition to a zero carbon economy.