Take the Cool Block Journey with Earthreps and the City of Irvine

EarthReps piloted the Cool Block program in Winter and Spring of 2021.

Irvine is one of only three California cities with a carbon neutrality goal.

Through the Cool City Challenge, the City of Irvine is eligible for $1 million in funding for climate-related programs. The City will also be in the running for $25 million to invest in critical Irvine climate action programs. A key component of this effort is engaging with the community through the Cool Block program.

How the Cool Block Program Works:

Cool Block teams begin with a block leader – a volunteer who is ready to make changes in their residential community along with 5-8 neighbors. At the start of the program, teams work to change habits within their home. By the end of the program, the team is working together on actions that will impact their block, neighborhood, city, and planet.

The Cool Block program consists of five topics: disaster resiliency, carbon reduction, water stewardship, neighborhood livability, and empowering others.

Each Irvine Cool Block team will participate in workshops on these topics and commit to taking actions to reduce environmental impacts. Together your block will become more planet friendly, disaster resilient, and develop a strong sense of community.

Learn more here on how the Cool Block Program works.

This program is recruiting in Fall 2021 and kicks of Winter 2022. Course credit available for participating! Tell us you are interested here: https://bit.ly/UCICoolBlock22

We will take on topics 1-4 in Winter 2022, 5-8 in Spring 2022. We feature a quarterly 2021-22 (1.3 unit) UniAff training course for credit or you can participate as a volunteer. Contact Housing Sustainability Program Manager, Rachel Harvey, raharvey@uci.edu, with questions.

*Program open to all students. Participants do not have to live on campus.