UC-CSU Environmental Climate Change Literacy Projects (ECCLPs) Committee Recruitment

ECCLPs is seeking 45 committee members to contribute to the new initiative focused on PK-12 climate and environmental literacy, justice, and action through research-based approaches for climate resilience and solutions!

These recruitment seeks 15 committee members for three committees (45 members total) that will focus on: (1) research, (2) PK-12 teaching and learning; and (3) community-based partnerships

Higher education faculty, staff, and graduate students, PK-12 educators, and individuals from community-based organizations involved in teacher education, and climate and environmental literacy, research and evaluation, sustainability, environmental justice, civic engagement, and Indigenous knowledge may be interested in these compensated roles that require a minimum of 15 hours annually.

Find more information at the link here.

bold blue letters with e, c, c, l, p, s and Environmental Climate Change Literacy Projects