Sustainability Curriculum Project – Groundwork

During Academic Year 2011-2012, the Environment Institute laid the groundwork for these aims.  The project mentored an undergraduate student research group project on sustainability education at UCI, built links with relevant administrative and faculty leaders, built links with counterpart projects at peer campuses, convened an ad hoc faculty committee to define “sustainability in the curriculum,” designed a web tool for prospective and current students to access sustainability-related courses and degree programs, convened a Sustainability Curriculum Assessment Team (SCAT) of undergraduate volunteers to distinguish between UCI’s sustainability-related and –focused courses, and served as UCI’s reporting arm for the curriculum portion of the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System in collaboration with UCI’s Administrative and Business Services.

During Academic Year 2012-2013, the ad hoc Task Force on Sustainability Education and associated Student Advisory Council on Sustainability Education (SACSE) were created.  The task force prepared proposed revisions to the Global Sustainability Minor (to take effect during Academic Year 2014-2015) and laid the groundwork for exploring new graduate programs in sustainability. The student advisory council introduced a new definition of “sustainability in the curriculum,” designed a literacy survey, and researched degree programs at peer campuses. During this time, a role also emerged for the Global Sustainability Resource Center to provide ancillary support to the curricular programs.