Staff Professional Development

UCI offers sustainability professional development and training opportunities to staff throughout the year. Content offered includes a range of environmental, social, and economic sustainability topics delivered by on-campus subject matter experts, many of whom are national leaders in their fields, or by external experts. These professional development opportunities are in alignment with UCI’s 2016 Strategic Plan goal to implement an ethos of sustainability for all campus staff.




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Sustainability Fundamentals for Campus Staff Course

Would you like to learn how to incorporate more sustainable actions and principles into your work? Attend this free course offered twice a year by the UCI Office of Sustainability. All campus staff are welcomed to attend. Sustainability topics are covered by campus faculty and/or staff subject matter experts.

The next course will be offered: 

Date: Wed. November 14, 2018
Time: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Location: Calit2 Room 3008

*Email to reserve your spot.

  • Sustainability at UC
    • UC Sustainability Initiatives and Goals
    • UCI Strategic Plan and Sustainability Plans
  • Climate Solutions
    • Social justice and environmental stewardship
  • Water, Watersheds and Oceans – What This Means to You
    • Water Conservation Goals and Practices
    • Protecting the Watershed
  • Energy – How You Can Make a Difference
    • Energy Efficiency Basics
    • Behavior and Conservation
  • Procurement – Smart Purchasing Choices
    • Green Purchasing Systems and Options
  • Greening Your Workplace
    • Green Office Overview
  • Sustainable Transportation
    • Alternative Transportation Options
    • Incentives Available to Staff
  • Additional Sustainability Resources for Staff
    • Waste Minimization and Recycling
    • Sustainable Dining

Additional Sustainability Training and Learning Opportunities for Staff


About Water UCI:  Water UCI is a national leader in providing interdisciplinary knowledge, learning and public outreach in critical water issues and facilitates campuswide collaboration around questions of fundamental and applied water science, technology, management, and policy. 

Learning Content:  Water Resources

Trainings & Workshops:  Water UCI hosts an ongoing colloquium training series to inform campus staff about local water policy and planning, and what can be done to better address these challenges. 


About UCI Community Resilience: “Community resilience” describes our efforts to create the human infrastructure through which climate and sustainability solutions foster and reflect social cohesion and inclusion of underrepresented voices in our university community and beyond.

Through a limited set of special projects, we seek to understand, engage, and lift up the interests, contributions, and leadership of underrepresented communities on our campus and in communities in our region that are more vulnerable to the impacts of the changing climate. These areas typically include low-income communities, people of color, indigenous communities, immigrants, and elderly populations.


About UCI Oceans:  UCI Oceans (Oceans, Changing Environments, Arts and Nearshore Societies) is a campus initiative that provides cross-disciplinary training of UCI staff and students at all stages working on ocean systems and marine & society interactions.

Learning Content:  Oceans and Watersheds

Trainings & Workshops:

  • Advancing Coastal Resiliency in California and Beyond Workshop: Learn about opportunities and barriers to coastal resiliency actions, environmental and social justice issues, and communication strategies for increasing engagement and understanding on coastal resiliency.
  • Headwaters to Ocean (H2O) Conference: Promotes integration across disciplines, sectors, organizations, and institutions around common interests related to water, oceans, coastal environments, resilience, and terrestrial interfaces with marine systems.


About UCI Center for Environmental Biology (CEB):  The UCI Center for Environmental Biology (CEB) provides workshops and trainings on ecological restoration and monitoring, use of pesticides and herbicides, and conservation of wetlands.

Learning Content:  Open Space Management

Trainings & Workshops:  UCI CEB hosts workshops throughout the year about open space management. Visit their website to learn about the next workshop.


About the Division of Continuing Education: UCI staff are eligible to receive a 50% discount on course fees in consultation with their supervisors. This includes all 30+ continuing education courses that relate to sustainability. To view the list, click here. The employee’s department may choose to pay the full fee with the option of requesting a 50% refund of fees if the class does not reach its enrollment capacity.