University Studies 13: Introduction to Global Sustainability

US13 Introduction to Global SustainabilityUS13_sideAre you concerned about major earth problems such as
global climate change, water pollution, food security, and threats to biodiversity?

Do you want to have a better scientific understanding of
the scope of environmental problems and how they interrelate to each other and to you?

This yearlong, multi-disciplinary sequence is an introduction to Earth as a system involving the interaction of its physical, biological, and human components. This sequence relies on sustainability as an organizing framework, encouraging students to consider the challenge of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, while also addressing the extreme poverty that afflicts at least 20% of the world’s current population.

Students will become aware of: the main drivers of climate change, both natural and human-induced; intrinsic values as well as the resource values of species and ecosystems; and efforts to restore endangered species and ecosystems.  Students will also study how various economic measures can help better manage water resources, food systems, energy resources, and waste to grow the economy and alleviate poverty while preserving the environment. Case studies introduce students to key concepts in global environmental change, human security, environmental justice, and sustainability. This sequence provides an ideal preparation for participating in the Global Sustainability Minor and relevant majors in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

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Uni Stu 13A:          Introduction to Global Sustainability I: The Earth System

Course explores origin and evolution of the Earth, its atmosphere, land, and oceans from the perspective of biogeochemical cycles
Fall Quarter
Fulfills GE Category II

Uni Stu 13B:          Introduction to Global Sustainability II: The Living Planet

Course explores global and local ecosystem distribution, biodiversity, environmental contamination, and endangered species
Winter Quarter
Fulfills GE Category II

Uni Stu 13C:          Introduction to Global Sustainability III: Human Impacts

Course explores human impacts, resource use, and sustainability
Spring Quarter
Fulfills GE Category III

This yearlong, multi-disciplinary sequence is open to freshmen and sophomore students, with priority to students participating in or considering the Global Sustainability Minor.  Transfer students seeking to pursue the Minor are also encouraged to enroll.  For more information regarding the sequence email  Download the PDF of the Flyer.