UCI Energize Colleges Spring 2019 Interns

marisa king

Marisa King, Project Development Analyst Intern, SunPower

My name is Marisa King, I’m currently a 3rd year business admin student at UC Irvine. I’m also minoring in psychology, as well as global sustainability, which is what peaked my interest in a sustainability-related career. I am interning as the Project Development Analyst Intern at SunPower. I joined the Energize Colleges program with the hopes of learning more about the energy sector and the types of jobs there are. I hope to discover a career position that suits me, which I can pursue down the road, preferably within the field of sustainability in general. At SunPower, I am working with their team to scope out and analyze prime locations for commercial solar panel installations. They install solar panels on rooftops, carports, and groundmounted areas of open land to supply residential homes or commercial warehouses and offices with clean energy. It has been fascinating to learn about their work and how efficiently they operate. I hope to contribute to their sales by helping them solidify at least one sale of solar panels to a commercial property.

loreanna san pedro

Loreanna San Pedro, Energy Conservation Intern, UCI Student Housing Sustainability Program

My name is Loreanna San Pedro and I’m a current 3rd year Environmental Science major and Public Health minor at UCI. I’m an intern for the UCI Student Housing Sustainability Program, where I do various tasks related to energy efficiency programming in both undergraduate and graduate family housing. One of the main programs I’m dedicating my efforts to is Green Room Certification, which is a program that aims to support and promote sustainable choices in on-campus housing, such as switching to cold water usage in laundry rooms and using natural lighting when possible. I hope to spread enough information about energy efficiency to students in a way that allows them to feel empowered to make sustainable lifestyle changes. I’m excited to start this internship, and I look forward to a great experience!

lauren mcgiven

Lauren McGiven, Research Intern, UCI Advanced Energy and Power Program

My name is Lauren McGiven and I am a third year civil engineering student at UC Irvine. For my internship, I am conducting research at the Advanced Power and Energy Program on my campus. This research is about the effects of climate change on the availability of hydroelectric power in the future. My role is to collect data and use it to calibrate hydroelectric power generation models and climate models. My goal for this internship is to help create working models which provide accurate results. This is important to me because it will help me gain experience in the field of energy. I look forward to continuing my research this quarter and interacting with my fellow interns!

reema bzeih

Reema Bzeih, Project Administrator Intern, The Energy Coalition 

My name is Reema Bzeih, and I’m a first year graduate student. I completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, and am now pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy with a concentration in Environmental Policy. As a Project Administrator intern for the The Energy Coalition, I am responsible for gathering research on various forms of energy and organizing the information to be accessible to K-12 students. The goal of The Energy Coalition is to educate young students about how we can be more sustainable in using non-renewable energy, while also exploring other viable options of cleaner energy sources. I have always enjoyed teaching people how they can play a role in conservation, so I am excited to start this internship and learn some new skills about education and outreach!