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UCI students make smoothies with the
blender bike at the annual UCI Hospitality
& Dining Sustainable Foods Fair

UCI Sustainability

UC Irvine is committed to preparing the next generation of
thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to help the world
meet its profound environmental and social justice challenges.

Community Engagement2014-12-16T19:27:50-08:00

Global Sustainability minor retreatCommunity Engagement

The Sustainability Initiative fosters dialogue and collaborations between UC Irvine and community groups on emergent environmental and sustainability-related issues, laying the foundation for potential research partnerships and joint sustainability initiatives to emerge. The Sustainability Initiative also assists UC Irvine faculty and students in pursuing community engaged sustainability scholarship through three interconnected strategies:

  • providing technical assistance through research expertise,
  • opening up space for public discourse, and
  • building capacity of relevant community stakeholders to participate meaningfully in public discourse.

Join the OC Climate Exchange Listserv

The OC Climate Exchange list enables information exchange among those with an interest in meeting long term regional needs of climate change and resilience in Orange County. UC Irvine hosts and moderates the listserv as requested by attendees of the Orange County Regional Sea Level Rise and Coastal Impacts Workshop on February 23, 2015.

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Recent Community Updates

Advanced Community Resilience Organizing Seminar

Advanced Community Resilience Organizing Seminar This new Winter 2018 seminar is currently on-going. Students are learning skills for community resilience organizing with an emphasis on environmental and climate justice, deepening practices of transformative movement building, [...]

2018 UC Food and Climate Fellows Leadership Training

2018 UC Food and Climate Fellows Leadership Training ABOUT THE PROGRAM This training is offered to the 2017-18 student fellows of the UC President’s Carbon Neutrality (CNI) and Global Food (GFI) Initiatives by staff leaders [...]

Climate Refugees Storytelling Project at UCI Receives Award

Climate Refugees Storytelling Project at UCI Receives Award Congratulations to UCI historian Kristina Shull and Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) on their 2017 grant from the Critical Refugee Studies Collective at UC [...]

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