Tribal Listening and Strategy Session

In 2012, the Women’s Earth Alliance, under leadership of their North America Program Advocacy Fellow, Angela Mooney D’Arcy (Acjachemen), approached the UC Irvine Environment Institute to explore possibilities at UC Irvine of partnering to create a bridge between environmental researchers and tribal communities in our region. Our collaboration manifested as the Southern. California A Tribal Listening and Strategy Session on Environmental Issues, which took place at UC Irvine on October 20-21, 2012.
The fully booked event drew tribal community participants from across Southern California and researchers from throughout the state. The Session aimed to

  1. train tribal community participants in how to conceptualize environmental challenges as research projects and how to design such research projects to meet community needs,
  2. introduce participating researchers to the concept and emerging methods of community-engaged sustainability scholarship,
  3. provide tribal community participants the opportunity to share their environmental challenges, and
  4. explore possible synergies between identified external research needs of tribal communities and research capacities of attending researchers. The link above contains more information about the program itself, attendees, and co-sponsors.

Several efforts have unfolded from work begun at the 2012 Listening Session, including the coordination of tribal community engagement on environmental issues at UC Irvine through the Sustainability Initiative.