Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (ISEB)

Certified LEED Platinum in July 2021 (LEED Scorecard)


Green Building Features:

  • A pedestrian walkway, new bicycle path and plentiful bicycle racks encourage less vehicle ridership and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 100% of total roof area has a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), meaning the “heat island effect” is largely reduced for the building and surrounding area, leading to less cooling load needed to keep ISEB comfortable for occupants.
  • Indoor plumbing fixtures have been designed to reduce over 40% potable water use over national Uniform Plumbing Code baseline, which equates to saving about 80,000 gallons per year.
  • UC Irvine ISEB project uses Irvine Ranch Water District, a pioneer of municipal gray water use,  to reduce it’s potable water use for irrigation by 100%.
  • The construction team was able to divert about 85% of total construction waste, such as concrete, wood, and miscellaneous construction & demolition debris.
  • The design and construction team specified materials with high recycled content and products that could be sourced within 500 miles of the project, leading to over 15% of total materials with high recycled and regional content.
  • Automatic daylight responsive dimming lighting controls are utilized to integrate daylighting with a building’s lighting system, allowing for significant savings in power usage density.
  • Space-by-space operating schedules and occupancy sensors minimize energy consumption of the HVAC system, with active indoor air quality sampling.
  • 55% less energy use than allowed by California’s strict Energy Code.

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