In April 2015, UC Irvine students and sustainability leadership staff embarked on a journey to Guatemala to participate in a Sustainability Leadership Training with SERES, a non-governmental organization based in Central America whose mission is to empower young leaders to build sustainable, healthy, and thriving communities through education and transformative leadership.

The Sustainability Leadership Training complements what sustainability students are learning in the classroom by providing a hands-on opportunity to engage global sustainability-related issues, build transformative leadership skills, and develop a critical lens on local-global solidarity and international development.  Through the training, the participating students are now taking on greater roles in peer facilitation, community visioning, and action planning through the co-curricular programs at the Global Sustainability Resource Center.

Above is a photo journal with words and images from participants to help describe transformative leadership and the impact of this approach on students and professionals worldwide. To navigate, click on the photo icons below the main photo.