Project Description

The Aydin/Saltzman Group

aydin saltzman

The Saltzman/Aydin group explores how relationships between the biosphere, the atmosphere, and human interactions affect the atmosphere’s ability to self cleanse through oxidation reactions.

Green Labs Results:

  • Initial Score: 39%
  • Final Score: 56%
  • Certification Level: Bronze
  • Areas of Improvement: Energy, Fume Hoods, Waste Reduction, Community

Sustainable Actions

  • Energy:
    • Labeling instruments with a start-up/shut-down procedure
    • Turning off lights in rooms with low occupancy
  • Fume Hoods:
    • Always closing fume hood sashes
    • Not evaporating solvents in fume hoods
  • Waste Reduction:
    • Having double-sided printing as the default for printers
    • Using shared office and lab supplies
  • Community:
    • Only shipping overnight or rush when absolutely necessary
    • Developing cordial relationships with custodial staff and facilities management