noemilinagesramirez_155Noemi Linares-Ramirez

Noemi Linares-Ramirez is a Latina-Navajo Ph.D. student studying Sociology at the University of California, Irvine. She is an aspiring scholar activist interested in using her research to shed light on the continued oppression of Indigenous people. Her current research explores women’s role in Indigenous movements from Alcatraz to intra-tribal movements, as well as women’s role in sustainable development. At Smith College, Noemi founded Indigenous Smith Students and Allies (ISSA). This organization focused on inviting Indian scholars to campus, demanding more Indigenous studies classes, and recruiting at Indian boarding schools and reservations to increase Indigenous student representation on campus. She has not only involved Indigenous people in North America; she has also done research on the living conditions of Indigenous people in Brazil and in social welfare countries.  Through her fellowship at the University of Illinois Chicago, Noemi became an activist in reproductive justice, creating resources that help women become self-advocates and producing material that list additional available resources to cope with different types of abuse. As the Indigenous Environmental fellow, she is committed to creating awareness and support for Indigenous environmental issues and to help with projects supporting the survival of sustainable Indigenous communities.

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