16541567713_0b57c4903d_zRoger Feely

Visiting Eco-Chef

Roger Feely is an eco-chef, sustainable food-systems educator, and curator of food-related cultural events. Roger is developing a new FoodScapes program at UC Irvine in collaboration with the Global Sustainability Resource Center (GSRC).

FoodScapes incorporates culture, tradition, seed-to-plate systems thinking, and sustainability to create a holistic shift in beliefs and habits to invite a new culture around food that celebrates the rich bio-cultural diversity and interdependence of people, place, and food.

At UC Irvine, Roger will develop co-curricular sustainability education modules on health, nutrition, and real food. These programs will help students think critically about their beliefs and habits related to food systems and eating, inviting them to explore a new culture around food that celebrates the deep interconnectedness of people and culture in the southern California-Central American corridor.

Roger has held positions from dishwasher, cook, pastry chef and executive chef at ground-breaking, diverse restaurants including Flying Saucer and Citizen Cake in San Francisco and Magnolias in Charleston, South Carolina. He has also led cooking classes and has developed culinary education programs for a variety of organizations including Hands on Gourmet (San Francisco), IMAP and SERES (Guatemala), Sour Flour (San Francisco and Chicago), Sur la Table and the Academy of Culinary Education (Goa, India). He has also lectured on farm-to-table sustainable cooking in the Bay Area culinary scene for organizations such as Elderhostel and CUESA.  Roger’s visit to UCI is supported by the Center for Living Peace.