Project Description

The Gandhi Lab

The Gandhi Lab explores how interneurons control the ability of the brain to rewire connections and reorganize its functions. The lab uses  transplantation of  embryonic neurons to identify, stimulate, and silence neural circuits and investigates how practicing visual tasks shapes neural circuits.

Green Labs Results:

  • Initial Score: 40%
  • Final Score: 52%
  • Certification Level: Bronze
  • Areas of Improvement: Fume Hoods, Cold Storage, Water, and Purchasing

Sustainable Actions

  • Fume Hoods:
    • Always closing fume hood sashes
    • Posting stickers on fume hoods as a reminder to close sashes
  • Cold Storage:
    • Sharing freezers and refrigerators within the lab
    • Maintaining door seals to freezers and posting a freezer maintenance policy
  • Water:
    • Turning off the tap when not in use, to encourage the reduction of water consumption
    • Using DI water only when absolutely necessary
  • Purchasing:
    • Hosting an annual cleanup day
    • Only ordering the materials expected to be used within the next 6 months