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Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience (SLICR) Special Topics – Intersections of COVID-19 in Spring 20212021-04-07T11:59:26-07:00

2021 Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience Special Topics on the Intersections of COVID-19

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Applications are now closed for the second annual Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience (SLICR) special topics on the intersections of COVID-19.

The UCI Sustainability Resource Center (SRC) ordinarily hosts SLICR Level I as a weekend intensive on campus in August. This year, we will also offer this special topics program as a UNI AFF 1.3 unit virtual course throughout the Spring Quarter (Wednesday 3:00 – 4:20 PM). Though course credit is only available to UCI students, the course will be open to all UC students. In lieu of course credit, students outside of UCI will be able to earn a certificate of completion for participation in this leadership training course.

SPRING 2021 Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience Special Topics: intersections of COVID-19 Accepting applications from students across the UC system! 1.3 units available to UCI students. Learn more and apply at by Monday, March 1st

Learning Outcomes

Developed at UCI, the Student Leadership Institute for Climate Resilience (SLICR) provides participants with an overview of some of the major challenges and opportunities we face in building community climate resilience, as well as tools for action.

This SLICR special topics course explores the intersections of COVID19, community resilience, and sustainability, including personal resilience, health equity, social justice, issue framing, organizing and activism tools, and more.

Projects will include background research and readings, in class and online discussion, and a writing component.

Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • Be able to define and develop personal and community resilience with concrete practices and tools.

  • Be able to explain the social and structural determinants of health.
  • Be able to explain how COVID-19 impacts different groups through a health equity lens.
  • Be able to explain the connection between COVID-19 and environmental issues.
  • Be able to explain the difference between disaster capitalism and disaster collectivism.
  • Be able to analyze the impact of public narratives.
  • Be able to apply different strategies to shape public narrative and framing of an issue.
  • Learn change agent, community organizing and arts-activism skills.
  • Learn examples of national and international youth-led activism.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to community resilience by actively applying their knowledge to their own lives, communities, and campus.


The training is free of charge to participants. Full attendance at all sessions of the training is required for participation. Sessions will be interactive and require video presence, active participation in group breakout sessions, and brief presentations. Facilitation will be in English. We aim for this training to be fully accessible. Please let us know in your application if you need any accommodations.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us at


The institute has its roots in UCI’s Student Institute for Sustainability Leadership (SISL). Many SISL alumni have gone on to become key campus leaders in these areas and have shaped their academic pursuits accordingly. With SLICR training happening across multiple UC campuses, a UC-wide cohort of transformative change makers is emerging. We invite you to become part of it. Learn more about the SISL experience in previous years here: SISL 2013, SISL 2014, SISL 2015, SISL 2016, SISL 2017, SISL 2018, SLICR 2019, and SLICR 2020 .

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