SRC Blender Bike

Make your next event extra fun with the SRC Blender Bike! The GSRC Blender Bike is available for checkout to students living in campus housing and to student organizations (sustainability-oriented or not) that are affiliated with the SRC. The bike was funded by ASUCI’s The Green Initiative Fund and your reservation comes with instructions on how to properly operate the bike along with suggested smoothie recipes.

Students and student organizations can use the bike at banquets, meetings, hall programs, and socials to promote healthy exercise and energy conservation. By using human power to blend your ingredients, you are saving electricity and helping to cultivate a culture of sustainability here at UCI. We hope you enjoy making healthy and delicious smoothies with the bike and continue to check them out for your events!

Tag us @ucisustainability with the hashtag #UCIBlenderBike to have your event featured on our social media pages. 

Check out this video of the SRC Blender Bike in action – posted on UC Irvine’s official Instagram page! 

blender bike