Student Organizations

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The UC Irvine Student Chapter of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists was founded in 2011 in order to build a tight-knit community amongst the environmental engineers and scientists at UCI. AAEES at UCI works to bring together any undergraduate students dedicated to the environment – including, but not limited to, those with interest in civil and chemical engineering, urban planning, environmental policy, and the physical sciences. The chapter is dedicated to providing opportunities for environmental engineers and scientists to better themselves professionally, academically, and socially through engaging events.

Anteaters’ Habitat for Humanity is a service organization located on the campus of the University of California, Irvine in Orange County, California. We partner with local businesses, community organizations, faith communities, cities and volunteers to build simple decent homes which are sold to qualified families for closing costs, 1% down payment, and a long-term mortgage. We strive to promote student awareness of, and involvement in, the humanitarian aid and environmental conservation efforts of our local community here in Orange County. Also, we hope to build a fun and interactive student community for our members with social events and volunteer opportunities.

Climatepedia is a nonprofit organization created by university students. The organization continues to be run by a team of students and alumni across the country. Though we come from diverse backgrounds, we are united by the belief that climate change is one of the most important issues of our generation. Our Mission is to communicate how our changing climate is impacting people and their communities.

The Earth System Science Club is an undergraduate student-run organization committed to bringing together individuals interested in the field of Earth System Science as a community. We are open to all majors who want to join the club. We collaborate with the Department of Earth System Science to help guide students through their college experience. Our club general meetings provide professional networking opportunities, speaker presentations, internship informations, and career workshops, which vary from week to week. Our special events provide a Networking night during the Winter Quarter and an Industry Networking Night during the Spring Quarter for members and students. We’ll do our best to help prepare members and students for the real world.

ESW is a non-profitable organization committed to building a better world. Student chapters focus on designing sustainable engineering projects. We are dedicated to bringing sustainability to campus and the local community.

We are a group of student activists eager to learn about local, national, and global environmental challenges. Our hope is to explore the wide variety of opportunities for environmental lawyers and policymakers to enact change. ELS also aims to bring together community leaders interested in all types and scales of environmental issues. Our events will educate about and address the issues surrounding environmental justice, the climate crisis, biodiversity, and habitat loss. We plan to host speakers, inform students of job opportunities, network with other student groups at UCI and around the country, help students connect with professionals in environmental law, conduct greening activities, and participate in advocacy campaigns.

This organization hopes to educate, advocate with, and provide opportunities to our members who wish to support our mission or those who wish to work in the humanitarian field. We will educate our members on international medical issues and how we can help. We will advocate for the medical rights and needs of those who need it the most. We strive to create a university community that will not be afraid to bear witness and collectively embody the spirit of témoignage.

Our organization focuses on promoting sustainability and community service from an Islamic perspective. As Muslims, we believe that all the natural resources of the Earth are blessings from Allah (God). On the Day of Judgement, we will be asked, “How did we use, protect and conserve these blessings?” As a result, it is our duty as Muslims to take care of the Earth and its resources.

In the Green is a student organization at UCI with a focus on sustainability from a business standpoint. We strive to empower students to achieve real and responsible business solutions that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. The name ‘In the Green’ draws from the business phrases “in the black” and “in the red” and the most recognizable symbol of sustainability, the color green. When a company is “in the black,” it is at the break-even point or higher; when a company is “in the red,” it is encountering losses. We chose to name ourselves In the Green because companies often profit from “going green,” or adopting more sustainable practices. Our name neatly embodies our mission as a business sustainability club to share ways that better people, planet, & profit.

The Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) is a non-profit organization established to facilitate greater relationships between professionals and students interested in environmental related jobs and to foster the mutual professional growth of our members through those relationships.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at UCI Law is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the welfare and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law.

ZotCAMS is the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society at UC Irvine founded in April 2017. The mission of zotCAMS is to foster undergraduate and graduate involvement in atmospheric and climate science. Our organization aims to promote undergraduate retention in atmospheric and climate science by supporting atmospheric and climate science career paths. We advocate for student research opportunities, aid in the preparation for continuing education, and stimulate professional development in atmospheric and climate science. Graduate student involvement will nurture mentorship opportunities with undergraduate students, and both parties will benefit from networking, volunteerism, and outreach with our local community. Our organization will encourage student involvement at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, including participation in the student conference. We strive to expand the image of atmospheric and climate science by enhancing diversity, especially by encouraging participation from underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.

We are the UC Irvine hub of the national Sunrise Movement organization. What are we fighting for? Sunrise Movement is a national organization of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good-paying jobs in the process. We are ordinary young people who are scared about what the climate crisis means for the people and places we love—As students at UC Irvine and residents of Orange County, we work to achieve our goals in our local community of Irvine and the broader Orange County area.

Green Medicine Initiative at UCI is a student-run organization that combines medicine, sustainability, and global health to promote greener healthcare practices in the US. We devise cost-effective methods to aid hospitals in reducing waste and costs while promoting environmental responsibility. GMI at UCI is also a branch of Harvard GMI. The Green Medicine Initiative at UCI also aims to promote environmentally friendly practices in hospitals and other medical facilities as well as address the effects of climate change on human health. For example, when hospitals have unused supplies, we collect and donate them to resource-limited communities at home and around the world. If excess waste is not entirely unavoidable, we will redistribute excess medical supplies to healthcare facilities in resource-limited settings in a responsible manner, considering local needs and available resources.