Anteater Learning Pavilion

Certified LEED Platinum in 2018


Green Building Features:

  • Close to 50% reduction in interior water usage, equating to 148,000 gallons saved per year, through the installation of ultra-efficient fixtures
  • 55 kW solar array shading the central courtyard reduces the UNEX building’s energy usage by more than 30%
  • Responsible sourcing contributed to using building materials having over 40% of recycled content, largely reducing the need for virgin materials
  • Landscape design incorporates plant materials that are drought tolerant, and irrigation systems are automated with controls for water conservation and reduction during rain events
  • Does not rely upon fossil fuel combustion for building space heating or for potable water heating
  • Includes energy recovery units that capture the heat/cooling from the ventilation air that cycles through the occupied spaces
  • LED light fixtures allows for performance 24% better than the California Energy Code
  • Design includes shading of glass windows and design that reduces the solar heat gain of the building
  • Thermal storage allows for the building to have partial influence on interior space temperature without the need for electrical cooling/heating


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