Recycling and Waste Management

With an 83 percent diversion rate, UC Irvine is well on its way to achieving its goal of being a “zero waste” campus, a designation afforded UC campuses that divert 95 percent from local landfills. Campus programs educate our community about recyclable materials, sustainable purchasing options, and proper methods of hazardous waste disposal.

UCI has committed itself to achieving the UCOP goal of Zero Waste by 2020. Zero Waste allows us to minimize the material going to landfill through reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting.

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Diversion Rate

UCI has an 83 percent diversion rate, which means our campus has diverted 83 percent of all its waste from landfill to recycling and composting facilities. UCI averages 10,000 tons of solid waste annually. In 2014, UCI was able to divert 7,642 tons by recycling, composting and reusing. The total waste sent to landfill was 2,358 tons. UCI has consistently reduced the amount of material sent to landfill over the past 6 years.


In order to encourage the diversion rate to further increase to the ultimate goal of 95 percent, UCI continues to promote green programs, including: recycling, composting, and reuse of over 22 different commodities.

UCI’s current diversion rate is 83%
uci diversion rate
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of waste produced at UCI in 2015
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of waste was sent to landfill

Recycling at UCI

Recycling is beneficial for both our personal communities and our environment as a whole. Recycling not only diverts waste from landfill, but it also allows for recyclables to become new reusable items. UCI practices proper disposal and aims to divert as much trash from landfill as possible to reach our goal of Zero Waste. We need you to help us reach this goal! Click here to learn how to properly dispose of, or recycle, specific waste items.

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