Aquaponics and Worm Composting Demonstration

The Global Sustainability Resource Center (GSRC) is hosting a Aquaponics and worm composting demonstration at the Festival of Discovery to showcase the 'Campus as a Living Lab' pathway where students and community members learn seed-to-plate living skills right here on campus. Aquaponics is a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish [...]

Aquaponics and Worm Composting Demonstration2016-01-11T02:34:22-08:00

Foodscapes 3: Evolving Systems

This workshop will feature a tour of an Aquaponics system and will explore how to find wild edible native plants.*Facilitators can accept cash or a check made out to UC Regents.

Foodscapes 3: Evolving Systems2016-01-11T02:34:21-08:00
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