UCI strives to reduce single-occupant vehicle (SOV) commuting to campus, promote alternative modes of transportation, and provide a zero-emission fleet. Transportation is a large contributor for greenhouse gas emissions in California. UCI’s efforts to help reduce our collective emissions and lead the State.

These principles follow UC Policy on Sustainable Practices. More than 70% of our campus utilizes alternative methods of transportation to commute to campus. Find more information at UCI Transportation.

student at the bike selling event at uci

Sustainable Incentive Program

UCI Transportation provides incentive programs for employees, graduate students, and undergraduate students that commutes in a sustainable way.

Student trying out bike next to two males.

Bike UCI

Bike UCI provides education programs, advocates for infrastructure projects, and offers an ambassador program.

Anteater Express

ASUCI supports an on-campus bus shuttle program for all students. UCI was also the first campus to transition to an all-electric bus fleet.