UC and CSU Faculty Collaborate for Carbon Neutrality

This spring, faculty from 16 University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) campuses came together across the state to consider how to scale and intensify California students’ literacy in climate change, climate justice, carbon neutrality/greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and sustainability. Culminating in a “nearly carbon-neutral” virtual conference in June, this UC-CSU Knowledge Action Network (KAN) for Transformative Climate and Sustainability Education and Action enables California educators to engage across and beyond their institutions for transformative climate action over time. The KAN brings together UC and CSU faculty and teaching staff in four area teams to collaborate virtually in addition to meeting once at different CSU campuses across the state. During these in-person workshops each area team learned about existing sustainability and climate education activities across the UC and CSU, surfaced challenges and opportunities, visioned toward the future, assessed what is needed to operationalize the vision, and identified and prioritized actions for their area team, all with a lens toward faculty engagement in transforming the education of California students in climate change issues.
Read more about the Nearly Carbon Neutral Conference in this press release and view conference videos here.