UC Million LED Challenge

The University of California has initiated the Million LED Challenge, to provide high-quality LED bulbs to students, staff, faculty, alumni, and retirees at affordable prices!
The bulbs sold through the challenge are roughly 46% less than the same bulbs from online competitors. The goal of this challenge is to replace at least 1 million inefficient bulbs with LED bulbs! Your participation in this challenge will significantly help UCI move toward achieving carbon neutrality.
Through the challenge, bulbs for reflector lamps, par-lamps, retrofit kits, LED A-Lamps, and many other styles can be purchased. Information on the life of the bulbs and financial savings from switching to LED bulbs can be found on the website. Additionally, information on how to dispose of your old bulbs can be found online.
Learn more about the challenge and purchase your LED bulbs at millionledchallenge.com