University of California and Vox Launch New Video Series

By Nicole Block, Climate Communications Student Writer
We all care about saving the environment, but how can we help when the problems are so overwhelming and often far away?
University of California, in partnership with Vox, is connecting people to climate action through a series of videos on the UC Climate Lab website, as part of the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative. Every Wednesday through May 24, conservation scientist and UCLA visiting researcher M. Sanjayan will address the latest research on a climate change issue and potential solutions that everyone can take part in. He and other experts discuss a broad range of topics including food, climate science, clean energy, and technology.
The debut episode, “Why humans are so bad at climate change,” shares some of the psychological and behavioral factors that make climate change a uniquely difficult concept to talk about and act upon.

April 26: “Going green shouldn’t be this hard”
M. Sanjayan discusses the amount of waste and pollution that the U.S. produces and the ways we could reduce that– by banning plastic bags, implementing policies and regulations, and requiring businesses to be responsible for their waste.

May 3: “Why your old phones collect in a junk drawer of sadness”
While we all love our phones and electronics, they require a lot of energy and resources to produce, transport, and repair. M. Sanjayan looks at ways that we can fix our phones ourselves and make them last longer. We can also dispose of old electronics responsibly so that toxic materials don’t leach back into the environment, while we’re waiting for improved cell phone designs that are being researched now. 

The next videos will premiere on the following days on the UC Climate website or check back here for updates!

May 10
May 17
May 24