Seeking Feedback:

Proposed Climate Protection Section Update to the UC Sustainable Practices Policy

The University of California is seeking feedback on the proposed update to the climate protection section of the UC Sustainable Practices Policy. The proposed update would replace the carbon neutrality policy goal with a policy centered on decarbonization. The proposed policy sets long-term targets for campuses and health locations to directly reduce emissions to zero or a residual level (10%) no later than 2045, and near-term targets to reduce emissions 30% by 2030 from a 2009 baseline.

Please provide your feedback at this link. Your feedback is important as the UC system refines the policy.

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Current Sustainability Practices Policy

Section C: Climate Protection

Each campus (including their associated health system) and the UC Office of the President will:

    • Achieve climate neutrality from scope 1 and scope 2 sources* by 2025
      • Scope 1 = produced on campus (e.g., on-campus power production)
      • Scope 2 = associated with purchased utilities required for campus operation (e.g., purchased electricity)
    • Achieve climate neutrality from specific scope 3 sources* by 2045 or sooner
      • Scope 3 = not owned or controlled on campus, but central to campus operations/ activities (e.g., commuting, air travel)
    • Maintain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at or below 1990 levels, pursuant to the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006


Proposed Policy Updates

Each campus and their associated health system will: 

  1. Set climate action targets that chart a path toward a fossil-free UC. These targets will:
    • Include Scope 1, 2, and relevant Scope 3 emissions (commute, business travel, treatment of solid waste).
    • Reduce emissions to zero or a residual level (at least a 90% reduction from a 2009 baseline year) by no later than 2045.
  2. Near-Term Targets: 
    • Each location will achieve and maintain, at minimum, a near-term emissions reduction of 30% from a 2009 baseline for calendar year 2030, with a stretch goal of 55%. 
      • A near-term emission reduction target for 2035 will be codified in this policy at a later date, informed by planned campus decarbonization studies. 
    • The UC System will target an aggregate emissions reduction of 50% from a 2009 baseline year for calendar year 2030.
  3. Residual emissions will be neutralized by carbon removal. 
  4. Each location will redirect funds that would have been spent on voluntary carbon offsets for calendar years 2025 through 2030 to achieve the previous carbon neutrality policy goal for Scope 1 and 2 emissions on direct emissions reduction 
  5. Meeting the targets above does not affect the separate need for individual locations to meet applicable regulatory requirements.