At UCI, we’re focused on creating sustainable food systems. The campus works on programs that create access and opportunities for sustainable and healthy food. UCI Dining strives to forward sustainability in food provide on main campus. UCI Main Campus has two main dining halls, The Anteatery and Brandywine, along with multiple retail locations across campus.

UC Policy on Sustainable Practices set forth a 25% sustainable food purchasing by 2030. UCI Dining has provided at least 200 plant-forward recipes and about 30% of the food options being offered are either vegan or vegetarian friendly within the dining halls.


Fair Trade University

UCI is a Fair Trade University, which guarantees each dining and retail location provides certified Fair Trade options.

California state outline with lines from UCI to local farms.

Local Purchasing

UCI Dining sources food from many local farmers, growers, and distributors.

produce in baskets, people walking around

Basic Needs Center

The UCI Basic Needs Center provides basic needs services including the FRESH Pantry.



UCI has multiple community gardens that people can join to grow their own food.