UCI and the surrounding area hosts a few community gardens for undergraduate students, graduate students, UCI faculty and staff, and community members. Community gardens are an opportunity to work alongside others, grow your own food, share knowledge, and build community. Check out some of these gardens below to find out more.

Man rakes dirt in garden.

Ants-in-Your-Plants Garden

This student led garden is located in Arroyo Vista undergraduate housing on campus. The garden is open to all UCI students. Contact the ASUCI Garden Commissioner to learn how to get involved.

Rachel Carson Organic Cooperative Garden

Open all year to Palo Verde housing residents. Residents interested in acquiring a plot, or information about waitlist procedures may contact the Garden President.

person planting directly into the ground

Verano Place Organic Garden

Eligibility is limited to Verano Place housing residents, with only one plot per housing contract. Join the Verano Garden Waitlist.

fence in the front, plants behind it

Anthill Village Community Garden

This garden is open to UCI faculty, staff, students, and community members with annual fees. There are 99 plots with a waiting list for those interested.