Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are linked to environmental health. UCI prioritizes human health through its built environment and initiatives. The built environment is intentionally designed in a way that prioritizes air quality and access to natural areas. The campus is built with the naturescape intentionally accessible for all to enjoy.

The UC Policy on Sustainable Practices sets forth guidelines for campuses to follow in supporting healthy campuses. These include UC Healthy Vending Guidelines, policy recommendations, and more.

Comprehensive Wellbeing Initiative (CWI)

UCI was one of eight campuses to first adopt the Okanagan Charter. This initiative is multi-disciplinary and intended to help UCI become a globally recognized health promoting university.

UCI Health

UCI Health is the only academic health system in Orange County and dedicated to sustainability operations. The new UCI Health – Irvine facility is the first all-electric hospital in the nation.

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Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute (SSIHI)

SSIHI is committed to reimagining the future of healthcare by pioneering an interdisciplinary, evidence-informed, integrative approach to health and wellness.

Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion

This center promotes and supports the wellbeing and academic success of UCI students through programs, services, and resources.

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Employee Wellness

UCI Human Resources provides many resources and services for employee wellness. Join the Wellness Listserv.