UCI fosters partnerships across the region, state, and globally to support sustainability initiatives meaningfully. Multiple departments involved with sustainability at UCI provide opportunities for meaningful engagement within the local community and across regional collaborations. We are always happy to explore new partnerships for advancing sustainability within our region. Please reach out to us or feel free to enter any opportunities into the Sustainability Opportunities Database.

People sitting around a table during workshop.

Community Resilience Projects

Facilitates partnerships with community for community resilience research.

College Corps

UCI participates in the #CaliforniansForAll College Corps. Placing students in yearlong service fellowships for climate action and food insecurity.

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Research Justice Shop

Newkirk Center for Science & Society facilitates equitable collaboration between university and those most impacted by social and environmental research problems.

five people standing side-by-side in front of a projector screen

ECCLPs UCI Task Force

Develops and supports regional solutions for PK-12 climate education in Orange County.

three people planting tree

Shadetree Partnership

Supports shade tree and community tree planting projects with UCI.