UCI intends to lead on purchasing practices that support sustainability. Purchasing dollars have a great impact on greenhouse gas emission for the campus. Purchasing with the environment, social equity, and economic development at the forefront is sustainable purchasing for our university. It is each department buyer’s responsibility to purchase sustainably.

UCI is guided by the UC Sustainable Procurement Guidelines which is based on the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices. UCI is required to have a 25% Green Spend as a total percentage of spend per applicable product category. UCI is also required to have a 25% Economically and Socially Responsible spend as a total percentage. The target goal is 100% spend.

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Sustainable Procurement

UCI Procurement Services has a sustainability team available to help and advise departments on compliance with sustainable purchasing policy.

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Sustainability Guide

UCI Procurement Services has a guide on sustainable purchasing practices that helps department buyers understand their resources to comply with green spend policy.


Purchasing Resources

UC offers Ecomedes to easily search product categories for certified green purchases. UCI offers Peter’s Exchange to keep usable products within the university.

Single-Use Plastic Policy

All UC campuses are beginning to phase out single-use plastics as part of the zero waste requirement in the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices. Each campus must transition away from plastic bags in retail and dining locations. Departments must also phase out single-use plastic purchases