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Conservation Café is designed to encourage informal science-based discussions of conservation issues of importance to Orange County, CA. Join us for coffee and pastries to discuss the issues that are important to you!

Dr. Steve Allison is an Associate Professor of Ecology at UC Irvine. Through UC’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative, he established the Climate Action Training Program, an interdisciplinary program focused on skills development for students pursuing careers in climate sustainability. Dr. Allison teaches introductory and ecosystem ecology. His research focuses on ecosystem responses to climate change, including resilience of microbial communities to drought, and the effect of rapid climate change on carbon losses from southern California ecosystems. Dr. Allison is also building mathematical models that incorporate feedbacks among microbial communities, carbon cycling, and climate change.

Topics to discuss include the following:

1) Is the microbiome important for the resilience of ecosystems to climate change?
2) Are there microbial invasive species?
3) Do we need to conserve, protect, and restore microbial communities along with plant and animal communities?

Parking is free and the interpretive center is open for visitors this day. We hope you can attend, and as always, coffee and pastries are on us!

We’ll have coffee ready at 10:00am.


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