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Join us for a three-part educational event focused on issues related to affordable and healthy nutrition. Refreshments will be provided.

Event Lineup
4:00 pm

Jody Margolis, registered dietitian, will lead a Q & A session where students will have the opportunity to ‘ask the expert’ regarding healthy eating on a budget.
4:30 pm

Natalie D’Azzo, Wellness & Peer Education Programs Manager from the UCI Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion, will demonstrate how to make a vegan one-pot meal.
5:30 pm

An intersectional discussion on community resilience, mobilization, and empowerment that focuses on the issues of food justice on college campuses and within institutionally marginalized communities. Panelists include: Manny Preciado, Abel Ruiz, Elika Dadsetan, and Selma Hassane.


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