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Please join us at the 2019 Global Sustainability Senior Seminar! At the beginning of winter quarter students where put into groups of 2-3 and asked to research a unique topic in sustainability with the goal of showcasing their findings in a public forum. Whether you are interested in a specific topic or just want to be introduced to sustainability, this will be a great opportunity to learn something new. Light refreshments will be provided, please feel free to stop by anytime!

Over 10 poster will be presented:

1. Aquaponics
2. Biodiesel Production
3. Compost
4. Food Deserts
5. Fossil Fuels in the Arctic
6. Sea Level Rise
7. Environmental Justice/Hazardous Waste
8. Mental Health and Nature
9. Dams and Hydropower
10. Sustainable Landscaping
11. Urban Green Space

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