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Sustain OC 9th Annual Conference & Expo:
Waste Stream Management
October 23, 2018, 8 am to 1:30 pm
The Cove at UC Irvine Applied Innovation

The Sustain OC 9th Annual Conference & Expo is a highly successfully yearly event that highlights local companies and regional business innovators that are leading the way to a more sustainable future by pioneering solutions and approaches to the region’s most significant sustainability issues.

This year’s Sustain OC Annual Conference will focus on innovations, technologies and new approaches being developed to undertake the tremendous challenges of Waste Stream Management

This includes evolving goals and requirements created by legislative mandates for landfill diversion, the rapidly changing economics of recycling and organic waste handling and recycling. The event will also explore progress being made in Waste-to-Energy transformation processes and programs.

The California State Legislature and the Governor’s Office have set an ambitious goal of 75 percent recycling, composting or source reduction of solid waste by 2020, calling for a statewide approach to decreasing California’s reliance on landfills. This is initiating the next evolutionary phase of waste management in California: an approach that makes current landfill diversion programs equal partners with materials management program to achieve the highest and best use of all materials in California.

Mandates to divert waste from landfills through solid waste recycling, organic waste recycling, waste-to-energy power generation,, source reduction and other efforts presents large-scale challenges, but also creates large scale business opportunities.

This event will examine the recent technical developments and programs that have achieved success in waste stream diversion through recycling, source reduction, waste-to-energy transformation process and more.


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