The GSRC unleashes youth leadership
for community resilience to a changing climate
and cultivates a campus culture of sustainability.

UC Irvine is committed to preparing the next generation of
thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to help the world
meet its profound environmental and social justice challenges.

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UCI Global Sustainability Resource Center


About the GSRC

First incubated by former UC Irvine Environment Institute, the Resource Center is now supported by a partnership among the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Division of Undergraduate Education, and UCI Community Resilience Projects. It is shaped by the input from students, guided by the support of staff, and modeled after many existing sustainability resource centers at other University of California campuses. GSRC enjoys a working partnership with the Student Housing Sustainability Program.

The GSRC unleashes youth leadership for community resilience to a changing climate and cultivates a campus culture of sustainability. This pursuit informs our students’ academics, career choices, and ways of life. As the University of California steps up as a global force for climate resilience, GSRC enables UC Irvine students to shape this legacy.
The GSRC is a hub for students, providing resources, education, and programming to forward environmental balance, economic vitality, and social equity. Students, as well as campus and community partners, are invited to share a platform from which to address the root causes of ecological disruption, deepen understandings of the interdependence of all life, and engage the challenges and solutions of sustainability in a campus, community, and global context.

The GSRC is anchored by a physical resource center offering a host of student services. Students come into the GSRC via our outreach programs, internship/fellowship placements, and trainings pathway. Our student and staff team co-creates actions with campus and community partners that build skills and experience along three sustainability pathways:

  • Campus as a Living Lab Pathway
  • Training Pathway
  • Global Engagement and Immersion Pathway

Pathways and Programs

Campus as a Living Lab Pathway

The purpose of the campus as a living lab pathway is to provide students with practical experience, training, and exposure to a range of projects that increase the sustainability of our campus’s physical operations and systems. The desired outcome is for students to know how to use their hands and conduct applied research to meet actual needs.

Global Engagement and Immersion Pathway

The purpose of the global engagement and immersion pathway is to provide students and youth counterparts in partner communities with practical experience, training, and exposure to activities that strengthen the critical lens on a local-global solidarity and deepen their understanding of the interdependence of all life. The desired outcome is for our young people to move with interpersonal agility, compassion, and equity-oriented systems thinking in any setting in which they are bridging across traditional boundaries (cultural, political, national, sectoral, disciplinary).
Read about the global engagement programs GSRC piloted in 2015 with SERES Leadership Center in Guatemala here and here

Current Programs:

GSRC’s current global engagement and immersion opportunities focus on building community climate resilience in U.S. domestic settings, especially on the UC Irvine campus and together with community partners in Orange County. Read more about UCI’s Community Resilience Projects to learn how to get involved. Our invitation for collaboration extends broadly to student leaders, staff, faculty, and community members who are engaged in work for racial and social equity and/or sustainability.

Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities Database

Visit the Student Opportunities Database to view and apply for a wide range of on and off campus jobs, internships, fellowships, scholarships and volunteering activities. 

Other On-Campus Student Internships

Besides internships through the GSRC’s training pathways and programs, there are many other on-campus student sustainability internship opportunities that include:

Sustainability Co-Curricular Working Group 

The purpose of the Sustainability Co-Curricular Working Group (SCWG) is to strengthen and streamline integration between the sustainability themed student organizations and departments that serve students represented at UCI. The desired outcome is to create community, coordinate planning, maximize outreach and collaboration, improve communication, and invest in student leadership. We achieve this purpose and desired outcome through monthly coordination meetings comprised of staff or student liaisons from service departments along with an open invitation to student representatives of diverse organizations.

The coordination allows us to:

  1. Create relevant and impactful co-curricular programming.
  2. Plan strategically for key campus events or campaigns such as Earth Week.
  3. Forecast strategically to anticipate challenges and leverage opportunities.
  4. Improve the functioning of communications and the shared website for sustainability-related events and opportunities.
  5. Allow and support student leadership in the shaping of campus sustainability initiatives.

Would you like to get involved with UCI’s Sustainability Co-Curricular Working Group? Contact to join the mailing list and meetings.

Community Resilience Co-Lab

The Community Resilience Co-lab is one of the projects convened by UCI Community Resilience Projects.

The Community Resilience Co-Lab aims to build a stronger campus community response to the enduring and intersecting crises of environmental, racial, and social injustice. The Co-lab brings together UCI graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff from across disciplines and departments to co-generate critical and collaborative shared space. We use the Co-lab to experiment with deepening connection, skills, and critical analysis related to these issues in ways that embody the values underlying the world we seek to create.

Get involved by visiting: 

Resources for Campus Orgs & Departments

The GSRC can help you go green at your next event! The following are FREE resources and services that are available for students and organizations to reserve and use. Learn more by selecting a resource below.

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GSRC News and Updates

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EarthReps Winter Speaker Series

EarthReps Winter 2019 Speaker Series for Leadership and Professional Development During Winter Quarter 2019, UCI Housing Sustainability is pleased to host engaging panelists working on pressing social and environmental issues on campus and around Orange County. Speakers will share about their sustainability career paths, current issues, lessons for aspiring planners [...]

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