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The Sustainability Initiative will sponsor 25 UCI students, faculty, and staff to participate in an online month-long blog training course led by Britt Bravo, Blogging Trainer.

This opportunity is for those who would like to increase the effectiveness of their online and social media writing specifically regarding topics that address critical issues confronting society in pursuit of environmental balance, economic vitality, and social justice.

A scholarship valued at $75 is sponsored by the Sustainability Initiative through an external grant.

About the Course

This online course is a tailored learning experience designed by Britt Bravo together with the Sustainability Initiative. The course will create an environment in which participants develop their online writing skills while also building community with fellow UCI writers who share an interest in these intersecting topics.

Each week, a lesson and assignment will be available via on online platform for participants to complete during the week. Lessons may include insight into developing engaging content, making your blog social and sharing friendly, how to comment effectively on others’ blogs, creating engaging blog titles, maximizing impact, and more. Participants will be able to communicate with the instructor and one another, as well as comment on each others’ work, through a private online classroom. Participants’ outputs will include actual blog posts each week, as well as an action plan for continued blogging after the course.

Apply here before March 21 by 5:00 p.m.

Participants will be notified of their application status by March 25.


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