Project Description

The Mackey Lab


The Mackey Lab is an earth systems science lab that aims to understand how marine phytoplankton, shape and are shaped by biological, chemical, and physical processes as the Earth systems change

Green Labs Results:

  • Initial Score: 54%
  • Final Score: 74%
  • Certification Level: Gold
  • Areas of Improvement: Cold Storage, Recycling, Hazardous Waste/Chemicals, Community

Sustainable Actions

  • Cold Storage:
    • Using appropriately sized containers for ice, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen
    • Maintaining door seals
  • Recycling:
    • Recycling and reusing cardboard
    • Setting up recycling bins for plastic, glass, and metal
  • Hazardous Waste/Chemicals:
    • Using chemicals/reagents in a “first in, first out” policy
    • Maintaining and reviewing chemical inventory of used, stored, and created chemicals in the lab
  • Community:
    • Appointing a member as a point person for sustainability
    • Communicating conservation techniques between lab members at meetings