Providing resources and guidance to enable
sustainable practices in labs.

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UCI Green Labs

UCI has been ranked among the nation’s best universities, noted for its excellent science and research programs. With more than 30,000 students, it includes some of the most energy-intensive and complex laboratory space in the world.

While only 20% of building space at UCI, laboratories consume nearly five times more energy per square foot than office space. This consumption is a result of energy-intensive equipment, 24-hour operations, and unique ventilation requirements.  Reducing laboratory energy consumption can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of a research university. Similarly, laboratories hold opportunities for water conservation, waste reduction, and more sustainable selection of reagents and process equipment.

UCI Green Labs provides resources and guidance to enable sustainable practices in labs. Take the assessment below to find out how sustainable your lab is.

Test tube with water and leaf sprouting.

Green Lab Assessment

Take the Green Lab Assessment! Through this 30-minute online survey, you will learn how sustainable your lab is and discover easy tips for improvement. The assessment will also inform the UCI Green Labs team about the programs and resources you need to implement sustainable practices in your lab.

Take the Green Lab Assessment


  • Serve as a model for cutting edge laboratory sustainability practices
  • Claim the Green Lab certification on grant applications
  • Upgrade inefficient laboratory equipment
  • Prolong equipment life and decrease purchasing costs through sustainable practices

Frequently Asked Questions

The certification survey takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour depending on certain equipment or processes in your lab. To be certified, 50% of lab members must complete the survey.
Nearly all UC campuses have a green lab certification program. Green Labs programs are also underway in campuses across the nation and in the UK, Denmark, and Belgium. 
Your green lab certification is valid for 2 years. After 2 years, your lab has the opportunity to take the survey again and increase your green labs rating.

The certification has 15 sections and adheres to a point system, with points assigned to various lab attributes or behaviors and with opportunities for bonus points for extra effort. Levels of certification are determined by percentage points calculated based on the online self-assessment.

Bronze – 55-69%

Silver – 70-84%

Gold – 85% +

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