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The UCI Green Labs program works with principal investigators, lab managers, and students to educate and assist in the implementation of more sustainable practices in campus laboratories. The program provides resources and guidance in areas including energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, sustainable purchasing, and green chemistry. Laboratory staff works collaboratively to demonstrate sustainability and achieve official Green Labs certification through the Five Steps of Certification:

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While only 20% of building space at UCI are laboratories, they consume approximately two-thirds of total campus energy. Reducing laboratory energy consumption and creating opportunities for water conservation, waste reduction, as well as engaging in sustainable lab behaviors supports UCI in meeting its Carbon Neutrality and Zero Waste goals.

Check out our Welcome Guide to get started on practicing sustainability in your lab.

Green Labs Interest Form

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  • Reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Save water and energy without compromising research integrity
  • Prolong equipment life to increase lab efficiency
  • Cut costs while reducing waste!
  • Team building – all lab members take an active role in the program
  • Raise awareness for sustainability on campus
  • Promote your lab as a certified Green Lab!

Check out our Certified Labs!

These Green Labs at UCI have just become certified through the Green Labs program! These labs underwent the Green Labs assessment and successfully learned about, created, and implemented sustainable behaviors. Click on the photos to learn more about each lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

The certification process will occur according to the pace of individual lab schedules, however, the process usually takes 6 months. This is to allow the lab ample time to implement and adjust to sustainable behaviors suggested by our team. 

Browse the map of UCI’s certified Green Labs. 

The Green Lab assessment has 15 sections and adheres to a point system, with points assigned to various lab attributes or behaviors and with opportunities for bonus points for extra effort. Levels of certification are determined by the results of the final assessment. Labs are encouraged to continue improve on their certification levels.

The UCI Green Lab program ultimately aim to encourage practices that can safe guard lab research. Appropriate inventory of samples and prolonging equipment lifespan help saves costs for the benefit of campus labs.

Visit our Green Labs at Home page for quick and easy tips to stay green when conducting research remotely and communicating with other lab members.

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